Solo weirdness? My specialty.

I had lofty, high-brow intentions for my evening.  I was going to have a calm-restorative-pick-up-put-back-together-get-ahead-have-a-glass-of-wine-while-enjoying-a-statistics-textbook kind of evening.  (You know those, right?)

Instead, I went to Lowe’s and bought a 50-lb. bag of sand, along with the biggest roll of duct tape I’ve ever seen and a bunch of trash compactor bags, and I sat on the floor of my garage with a gin and pickle juice martini making 5- and 10-lb sandbags all night.  I also had half a block of cheese and almonds for dinner.  Don’t judge me.  It was amazing.

Behold!  The fruits of my labor!

I made three 10-lb. bags and three 5-lb. bags (to fill my brand-spankin’-new Ultimate Sandbag), and a 6-lb medicine ball (just for kicks).  You will notice that the compactor bag box is still intact – I decided to return the stupid thing.  I paid $15 for a box of thick plastic bags that I will never use for anything else.  I do not have a compactor, I will never have a compactor.  I have plenty of other uses for 1,500 pennies.

I do, however, have a ton of plastic grocery bags to recycle.

So, I triple-bagged the sand, duct-taped the crap out of it, and voilà!  Homemade sandbags.  I feel very crafty.  Pinterest would be proud…or horrified.  I’m not sure which.

This is all in support of my new workout plan (minus the martini).  My goal is to hit 10,000 steps on a pedometer every day, which is close to 4.5 miles.  Strangely, it’s harder than it sounds.  I also decided to start BodyRocking.  The workouts are about 12 minutes of circuit or interval training and they change every day so it’s impossible to get bored.  I decided I’m worth 12 minutes a day.  If I can’t spare that much time to get healthy then I need to take a serious look at my life.  The instructors are energetic, positive, and sincere, and their approach isn’t gimmicky.  Exercise, eat right, have fun, done.  I appreciate that.

I gifted myself the sandbag and the interval timer they recommend, and the Equalizer is next.  Garage is getting cleaned out and turned into a gym, and I am getting my butt in shape!

(And if you’re still wondering about the pickle martini – and I know you are – click here…though I should point out that mine was a quick and dirty version with only the basics.  We didn’t even have pickles left in the jar.  Don’t ask, I live with a 20-year-old boy.)

Three cheers for pickles and cute booties!!!


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